Club Scholarships

Updated Thursday June 9, 2016 by PWSC.

Joseph Cohen Memorial Scholarship Award

This award was established by the Port Washington Soccer Club to honor Joseph Cohen, a gifted athlete who attended college on a soccer scholarship. He went on to achieve outstanding success first academically and then in his professional life.  He gave his time fully and with great heart to innumerable charitable endeavors.

This award is presented annually to the graduating senior varsity soccer player, male or female, with the highest scholastic average, who has consistently played for the Port Washington Soccer Club.

Past winners of this prestigious scholar-athlete award are:

2016:  Alexis Karmel
2015:  Ledner Giron
2014:  Kim Zhirzhan
2013:  Cameron Bouramond
2012:  Scott Regan
2011:  Timo Santala
2010:  Peter Maxted
2009:  Joe Barrett
2008:  Wooyeon Hwang
2007:  Ben Jaffe
2005:  Sarah Weiss
2004:  Zachary Levine
2003:  Marla Diakow
2002:  Jarryd Levine
2001:  Roni Diakow
2000:  Adam Krotman


Tyler Rauzon Memorial Scholarship Awar

In memory of Tyler, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to one male and one female varsity soccer player, whom are graduating seniors at Paul D. Schreiber High School and have consistently played for the Port Washington Soccer Club. The scholarship will be contingent upon graduating and will be presented in the form of a voucher payable to the college each student will be attending.  

A plaque will be presented to each student at the fall sports award night. Additionally, a plaque will be presented to the school, and hopefully displayed in an appropriate and prestigious location. The school plaque will list each year’s award winners and shall be updated annually.

All funding and expenses will be provided by the Port Washington Soccer Club, through our own fund raising efforts, and deposited into a school account for appropriate distribution. A committee consisting of the Schreiber Athletic Director, the boys’ varsity soccer head coach, the girls’ varsity soccer head coach and three members of the Port Washington Soccer Club, will select the honorees.

The honoree will be chosen based upon a "Demonstrated love and desire for the game, a strong work ethic on the field and off. and exemplary character, sportsmanship, and sense of team play."

Past winners are:

2016:  Max Rutman and Victoria Sanger
2015:  Robert Palmer
2014:  Cassie Lammers and Anthony Di Caro
2013:  Lillian Alvarez and Michael Moraitis
2012:  Elyse Belarge and David Katz
2011:  Timo Santala and Carly Rosenberg
2011:  Claire Baugher and Takumi Yamamoto
2010:  Nikki Horvilleur and Hana Paisner
2009:  George Racanelli
2008:  Will Rizzo
2007:  Angela Matinale and Daniel Goldin
2006:  Sarah Weiss and Bryant Rich
2005:  Valerie Faure and David Ziegelbaum
2004:  Stephanie Holzer and Uri Nazryan
2003:  Jeremy Francis, Michael Hall, Samantha Moskowitz and Sarah O’Connell
2002:  David Buttrill, Emma Smaldino and Maria Marangoudakis
2001:  Brian Holzer, Paul Zentko and Julia Trinko
2000:  Rebekah Friedman and Jason Myers