Intertown Rules

Updated Sunday June 12, 2016 by PWSC.


Intertown is a competitive recreational soccer program that strives to provide a relaxed alternative to the travel program. Games are held with teams from other towns on Long Island enrolled in the Intertown program. Players are encouraged, but are not required, to participate in all practices and games.

Registration and Fees:

1.    The program is divided between junior and senior teams for both boys and girls. Junior teams include players from 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Senior teams include players from 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Where possible all efforts will be made to create teams comprised of players in the same age groups.

2.    Teams will be based on rosters of 18 players, with priority given to those players registering first. After a roster is complete, the club will attempt to create a second team in that age group. The Port Washington Soccer Club (PWSC) recommends that a second team in an age group have a minimum of 15 players and a coach.

3.    Fall registration will be conducted at the end of the previous spring season. The spring registration will be conducted in mid-January. The coaches of the Intertown program, along with the PWSC board of directors, will determine registration dates. Intertown will initially continue to hold additional registration sessions along with the Intramural program, if necessary, to determine the effectiveness of the new early registration effort.

4.    Fees and scholarships are to be determined by the PWSC board, but it is the responsibility of each Intertown coach to collect and/or advise as to payment.



1.    Coaches will be recruited from parents who sign up their children for the Intertown program.

2.    Intertown coaches are required within their first year to complete all safety and risk management requirements as determined by the PWSC. These include but are not limited to CPR, background check and a C coaches license for the junior and senior teams.

3.    Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their teams, including both the players and parents. Good sportsmanship is a necessary ingredient to any youth sports program.

4.    Coaches will have the right to manage their roster, but no player can be removed from any team unless first given the opportunity to due process; only the President of PWSC has the authority to remove a player, even temporarily.

5.    The PWSC board retains the right to deny a coaching position or remove a coach anytime during the season.

6.    All Intertown players must have a notarized medical release form, which must be in the coach’s possession at all games.

7.    Coaches are required to attend PWSC monthly meetings and will be treated as full members of the PWSC, with all the rights that go along with membership.

Games, Practices and Scheduling:

1.    Scheduling of soccer games will follow the guidelines of the Intertown program and require the ultimate approval by the PWSC.

2.    Coaches are required to attend the Intertown scheduling meeting, typically held at Gries Park in Lynbrook, or have a representative take their place. Coaches have ultimate authority to create their team’s schedule, following the guidelines of date and field availability provided by the PWSC in advance of the scheduling meeting.

3.    The PWSC will provide professional trainers during the season to help the Intertown teams practice. Additional practices are encouraged but not required. Any coach desiring to add additional practice times will work within the guidelines determined by the PWSC.

4.    The VP of Intramurals or a designated board member must approve all final schedules.

5.    Intertown teams will have a maximum of 18 games and 9 home games each season, including tournaments and round robins. Requests for additional games should be made to the VP of intramurals.

The PWSC, in accordance with standard procedure, will from time to time appoint a board member with the title of Intertown director and that person will have the authority to enforce club policy, rules and guidelines as they relate to Intertown teams, coaches and players. This person will also represent the Intertown program at PWSC board and club meetings